Benny's Take Away
  • Benny's Take Away

Benny's Take Away

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Barrage Packs


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Over 370 shots in total with effects such as the 200 whistling and crackling missiles of the Anti-Tank Barrage, the noise of the Thundering Coconuts exploding and the beauty of the Kaleidoscope and Crown Jewels. Top of the list must be the awesome 19 shot Midnight Storm, the tubes in this cake are the maximum size we can legally go in order to produce these stunning brocade effects.

1 x 200 Shot Anti-Tank Barrage

2 x 25 Shot Midnight Mayhem

1 x 25 Shot Kaleidoscope

1 x 25 Shot Black Hole

1 x 19 Shot Martian Invaders

1 x 19 Shot Colour Blitz

1 x 19 Shot Midnight Storm

1 x 16 Shot Galaxy Attack

1 x 13 Shot Thundering Coconuts

1 x 12 Shot Crown Jewels